Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Resource Kit

Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Resource Kit
Published:May 04, 2005Language:English
Author:Microsoft MVPs and Partners with the Microsoft Windows Server TeamTechnology:Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Length:4992 PagesISBN 13:9780735614710

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About The BookThe definitive resource for Windows Server 2003—direct from Microsoft.

Get practical guidance on managing and tuning system performance to help optimize speed, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Implement proactive monitoring practices and procedures

  • Use Performance Monitor, event tracing, load testing, and other tools to measure performance and capacity

  • Set up logs, alerts, and reports

  • Use baseline performance data for troubleshooting and capacity planning

  • Learn to interpret key performance indicators and analyze bottlenecks

  • Diagnose and resolve common performance problems

  • See when to use advanced configuration and tuning techniques


    Apply expert strategies to troubleshoot your Windows Server 2003 network—and quickly resolve system issues and conflicts.
  • Use Windows troubleshooting tools to identify and resolve problems

  • Resolve startup issues, including failures and hardware conflicts

  • Review stop errors, including memory dump files and common stop messages

  • Troubleshoot disks, volumes, and file system issues

  • Identify and resolve TCP/IP communication problems

  • Manage system services, including configuration and monitoring


    Extend your administrative control with Group Policy—simplifying user and computer management and automating routine tasks.
  • Design, implement, and modify Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

  • Manage GPOs and policy settings; learn best practices for deployment

  • Administer user settings, system configuration and access, and software installation and maintenance

  • Customize administrative and security templates; create custom environments

  • Manage IPSec, public key, and Windows Firewall policy settings

  • Use Resultant Set of Policy tools and Group Policy logs to troubleshoot problems


    Learn how to help protect your Windows-based clients, servers, networks, and Internet services.
  • Design security-enhanced Active Directory® objects, domains, and forests

  • Utilize the Security Configuration Wizard and Windows Update Services

  • Configure TCP/IP, 802.1x authentication, and the Windows Firewall

  • Define security settings for domain controllers, IIS 5.0 and 6.0, and DNS, DHCP, WINS, RAS, and certificate servers

  • Implement the security advances in Microsoft Office 2003 Editions, IIS 6.0, and the latest service packs

  • Perform security assessments and respond to incidents


    Delve inside the Windows kernel—for the inside details and architectural insights you need for better design, debugging, and performance.
  • Understand the key mechanisms that configure and control Windows

  • Explore the Windows security model

  • Observe how Windows manages virtual and physical memory

  • View the Windows networking stack from top to bottom, including mapping, APIs, name resolution, and protocol drivers

  • Troubleshoot boot problems and perform crash analysis

  • Experience Windows internal behavior firsthand with hands-on experiments


    Understand how the registry works, its role in Windows configurations, and how to customize Windows to run the way you want.
  • Learn best practices to back up, restore, manage, and modify the registry

  • Customize group and system policies to manage multiple PCs and users remotely

  • Track down registry settings and script changes

  • Optimize server services, including network connections and authentication

  • Deploy user profiles and Microsoft Office program settings

  • Configure security services, including Windows Firewall, templates, and service pack features

  • Troubleshoot the registry—resolve common problems and corruption issues

  • Your Resource Kit CD includes:

    More than 300 essential tools, utilities, and resources:
  • 120+ Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools for configuring, optimizing, monitoring, and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows®-based servers and clients

  • 80+ ready-to-use, customizable scripts for automating Windows administration tasks

  • VBScript Essentials videos

  • 20+ tools and scripts from the Microsoft Windows Security Resource Kit

  • Utilities, templates, and job aids for Group Policy

  • 100+ registry files for customizing operating system appearance and behavior

  • Microsoft Press® eReference Library:
  • eBooks of all 7 Resource Kit volumes

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Resource Kit eBook

  • Microsoft Windows Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide eBook

  • Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition, eBook

  • Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security eBook

  • Trustworthy Computing: Reliable in Operations eBook

  • Sample chapters from Assessing Network Security and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 PKI and Certificate Security

  • Windows Server 2003 Technical References:
  • Active Directory® Collection

  • Core Operating System Collection

  • Group Policy Collection

  • High Availability and Scalability Collection

  • Networking Collection

  • Storage Technologies Collection

  • Windows Security Collection

  • For an evaluation version of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 1,* visit:
    • Pending release of Service Pack 1.
    Minimum System Requirements:

    To use the Resource Kit tools, eBooks, and other materials, you need:
  • PC with 550 MHz or higher processor recommended; 233 MHz minimum required

  • Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 or Microsoft Windows® XP operating system

  • 256 MB of RAM or higher recommended; 128 MB minimum

  • 1.5 to 2 GB of available hard disk space

  • Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor

  • CD or DVD drive

  • Keyboard and Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Internet connectivity** for tools that are downloaded

  • Note:
  • The Resource Kit tools are written and tested in English only. Using these tools with a non-English version of Windows might produce unpredictable results.

  • Resource Kit tools are not supported on 64-bit platforms.

  • Specifications for individual Resource Kit tools are documented on the CD.
  • About Microsoft MVPs and Partners with the Microsoft Windows Server TeamMicrosoft MVPs and Partners with the Microsoft Windows Server Team
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