Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Deployment Kit: A Microsoft Resource Kit

Microsoft® Windows Server™  2003 Deployment Kit: A Microsoft Resource Kit
Published:June 25, 2003Language:English
Author:Microsoft CorporationTechnology:N/A
Length:4000 PagesISBN 13:9780735614864

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About The BookComprehensive technical information and tools for planning and deploying Windows Server 2003

This official Microsoft RESOURCE KIT provides all the information and tools IT professionals need to plan and deploy Windows Server 2003 in medium to large organizations. It contains six volumes—Planning a Deployment Project Guide, Designing Network Services, Designing Directory and Security Services, Designing Server and Desktop Configurations Guide, Planning and Automating Installations Guide, and Designing a Managed Environment—along with Deployment Lab Scenarios that provide end-to-end examples of tested enterprise deployment solutions. By focusing on deployment, this kit provides exhaustive and definitive resource for a successful rollout—straight from those who know the technology best, the Microsoft Windows product team!

  • Expands what was traditionally a single deployment guide into an exhaustive six-volume kit that more comprehensively meets the needs and preferences of IT professionals

  • Delivers expansive coverage on system deployment—along with exclusive, must-have tools—direct from the Windows product team

  • In addition to tools and utilities, CD features all six volumes in searchable eBook format
  • About Microsoft CorporationThe Microsoft Windows Server 2003 team designs, builds, tests, documents and supports Microsoft Windows server products and solutions.
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