Developing Microsoft® ASP.NET Server Controls and Components

Developing Microsoft® ASP.NET Server Controls and Components
Published:August 28, 2002Language:English
Author:Nikhil Kothari and Vandana DatyeTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:724 PagesISBN 13:9780735615823

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About The BookThe complete guide to developing professional, reusable ASP.NET server controls and components—direct from the insiders who developed the technology

Web Forms—the Page and Control Framework at the heart of ASP.NET—makes it easier to develop dynamic Web applications. But you can go beyond the controls that ship with ASP.NET—and power up your Web sites and applications—by creating your own server controls. You can also develop and distribute your own controls for commercial use. This comprehensive guide, direct from key insiders who really know the technology, combines conceptual and architectural details with practical, how-to information and real-world code samples to show exactly how to create custom, reusable, professional-quality server controls with rich design-time functionality. It also provides essential information about configuration and the HTTP runtime, packaging, deployment, debugging, and developing controls that incorporate XML Web services, plus other vital topics. And it introduces the ASP.NET Web Matrix tool for creating Web applications and for using server controls. Topics covered include:

  • ASP.NET page programming

  • Component programming

  • User controls

  • Implementing properties

  • View state management

  • Rendering

  • Control life cycle

  • Events and Postback

  • Styles

  • Composite, validator, and data-bound controls

  • Client-side behavior

  • Design-time functionality

  • Localization, licensing, and deployment

  • XML Web services

  • HTTP handlers

  • Templated data-bound controls

  • DHTML-based server controls

  • “[This book] is a must-have for all serious ASP.NET component developers.”
    –Scott Guthrie, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft ASP.NET Product Team
    About Nikhil Kothari and Vandana DatyeThe authors are in a unique position to explain ASP.NET server control technology. Nikhil Kothari is a developer on the ASP.NET team and has developed many of the complex controls that ship with the .NET Framework SDK. Vandana Datye is a freelance programmer/writer who has authored content about developing server controls in the .NET Framework SDK documentation.
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