Microsoft® Visual J#™ .NET (Core Reference)

Microsoft® Visual J#™ .NET (Core Reference)
Published:August 28, 2002Language:English
Author:John Sharp, Andy Longshaw, Peter RoxburghTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:944 PagesISBN 13:9780735615502

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About The BookJava-language developers—learn how to create .NET applications with the Microsoft development tool for you: Visual J# .NET!

Leverage your Java skills and learn how to create powerful Windows® applications and high-performance, distributed applications with Microsoft® Visual J#® .NET in this comprehensive tutorial and reference. Presented in an easy-to-browse format, this erudite book provides the authoritative technical details you need to leverage Visual J# .NET and the richness of the Microsoft .NET Framework to build scalable, enterprise-level applications. You’ll examine the architecture of .NET, find out how to process data with Visual J# .NET, see how to create XML Web services, and discover how to build multithreaded applications that span the local area network. You’ll also look at the key topics for building applications that use Windows features and services and find out how to provide a global reach to your applications via the Internet. Topics covered include:
  • The challenge of n-tier development
  • The .NET platform
  • Java and the common language runtime
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Processing XML
  • Transforming XML
  • Microsoft ADO.NET
  • Multithreading with .NET
  • Basic network programming
  • Serializing objects
  • .NET remoting
  • Using message queues
  • Integrating with unmanaged components
  • Serviced components and COM+
  • Writing Windows services
  • Microsoft ASP.NET—a better ASP
  • Building a Web service
  • Creating a Web service clientINCLUDES SAMPLE CODE ON THE WEB!
  • Sample code available at the Companion Content link on this page
  • About John Sharp, Andy Longshaw, Peter RoxburghJohn Sharp and Andy Longshaw both hold a BSc in Computer Science, work as Principal Technologist and have more than 10 years experience in programming as well as developing and delivering training. Most recently they focused on Java and C#. John Sharp is currently writing “C# Step by Step” for Microsoft Press.
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