Inside C#, Second Edition

Inside C#, Second Edition
Published:April 24, 2002Language:English
Author:Tom Archer, Andrew WhitechapelTechnology:N/A
Length:912 PagesISBN 13:9780735616486

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About The BookGet the in-depth architectural information you need about the hottest OOP language for Microsoft® .NET—now updated for final release code.

Take a detailed look at the internal architecture of the groundbreaking C# language with this architectural reference. It’s fully updated with information about the Microsoft® .NET platform and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET. It’s packed with sample code and demo applications to show you exactly how to develop with C#. You’ll explore this advanced language and its design parameters and construction to gain a complete understanding of how it works—and why it works that way. Topics covered include:

  • Building C# applications and libraries

  • The .NET type system

  • Classes and structs

  • Methods, properties, arrays, indexers, and attributes

  • Interfaces

  • Expressions and operators

  • Program flow control

  • String handling and regular expressions

  • File I/O with streams

  • Error handling with exceptions

  • Operator overloading and user-defined conversions

  • Delegates and event handlers

  • Documentation with XML

  • Numerical processing and the Math class

  • Collections and object enumeration

  • Multithreaded programming

  • Querying metadata with reflection

  • Deterministic finalization and the Dispose pattern

  • Pinning and memory management

  • Using COM from C# applications

  • .NET components in unmanaged code

  • Incorporating security

  • A fully searchable electronic copy of the book

  • Sample code in C# (also available at
  • About Tom Archer, Andrew WhitechapelIn his 18 years of software development experience, Tom Archer has had experience with every type of software development from writing industry leading vertical market software to writing award-winning shrink-wrapped applications. Archer made a name for himself by being the lead programmer on two award-winning applications (IBM/World Book MultiMedia Encyclopedia and Peachtree Software’s Peachtree Office Accounting). After these two projects, he started writing books (first for IDG books and then for Sams Publishing). So far he has written (or coauthored) four books on Visual C++ and Web-based technologies. Through his books and web sites, Archer contributes highly to the community of the best and brightest programmers in the industry.
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