Microsoft® Manual of Style for Technical Publications, Third Edition

Microsoft® Manual of Style for Technical Publications, Third Edition
Published:June 02, 2004Language:English
Author:Microsoft Corporation Editorial Style BoardTechnology:N/A
Length:432 PagesISBN 13:9780735617469

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About The BookThe essential reference for technical writers, editors, journalists, and everyone else who writes about computer technology.

Developed by Microsoft’s senior editors and content managers, this manual of style captures the up-to-date standards and best practices for delivering clear and consistent technical communications. Now in its third edition, this popular reference has been fully revised, expanded, and optimized for ease of use. You’ll find new coverage on meeting the needs of a global audience, accessibility concerns, and the latest technical terms and acronyms—along with expertly organized sections on usage, grammar, punctuation, tone, formatting, and common style problems. Whether you’re creating print documentation, online help, Web content, or other communications, you’ll get the information and examples you need to maximize the impact and precision of your message.

Get clear, concise guidance to help you:
  • Use technical terms correctly and consistently—including do’s, don’ts, and alternatives for usage.

  • Employ the appropriate tone and voice for your audience.

  • Produce written and visual content suitable for a worldwide audience.

  • Apply best practices for writing and tagging Web content.

  • Write better documentation—from dialog boxes and error messages to Web pages and software code.

  • Know the standards for creating accessible communications.

  • Optimize your indexes, cross-references, and keyword lists.

  • Get fast answers on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  • CD includes:
    Complete eBook inside
    About Microsoft Corporation Editorial Style BoardMicrosoft Corporation Editorial Style Board
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