Programming with Managed Extensions for Microsoft® Visual C++® .NET--Version 2003

Programming with Managed Extensions for Microsoft® Visual C++® .NET--Version 2003
Published:March 26, 2003Language:English
Author:Richard GrimesTechnology:Microsoft Visual C++
Length:608 PagesISBN 13:9780735617827

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About The BookUpdated for Visual C++ .NET version 2003, this Microsoft Press® title offers developers in-depth and expert coverage of the new features in the compiler and linker extensions to the language.

The compiler and linker extensions in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET provide specific capabilities that programmers can’t get using Microsoft Visual C#™. Programmers learn how to make the most of these extensions with this enlightening guide—updated for Visual C++ .NET 2003 and written by an authority on the subject. The book reveals the special programming rules for Managed Extensions and shows how to use them to write .NET libraries and applications. It also discusses the many features that are new to Visual C++ .NET 2003. This guide is ideal for developers who use Visual C#, but want to make the most of the unique facilities in Visual C++ .NET.
About Richard GrimesRichard Grimes has built a reputation for writing in-depth books and articles about C++ that leave nothing uncovered. When he researches a technology he is more concerned with learning the “why” than the “how.” Once he understands why Microsoft has implemented a technology, the techniques of how to use it become clear. Richard’s attention to detail and his presentation of information researched from first principles distinguishes his books from the competition.

In the last two years, Richard has concentrated on the Managed Extensions for C++ and has written numerous articles on the subject, as well as a .NET book with a heavy C++ bias. He writes a column on the managed extensions for Visual C++ Developers Journal. Richard is also well known as an authority on managed C++ from his column in VCDJ/.NET Magazine, articles in MSDN® Magazine, and as a contributing editor for Windows Developer Magazine. As a Microsoft MVP for .NET and a regular speaker at .NET conferences, Richard keeps a close watch on, and has a detailed knowledge of, the needs and directions of the market.
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