Applied XML Programming for Microsoft® .NET

Applied XML Programming for Microsoft® .NET
Published:October 09, 2002Language:English
Author:Dino Esposito (Wintellect Collection)Technology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:720 PagesISBN 13:9780735618015

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About The BookGet the expert advice you need to succeed in building .NET-connected applications with XML!

XML is everywhere in the Microsoft® .NET Framework, from Remoting to Web services and from data access to configuration. Learn about the extensive XML core classes in .NET and find out how to program against its parser in this in-depth guide—written by a popular programming author and consultant on cutting-edge technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft ADO.NET. You’ll find authoritative explanations of technologies such as schemas, transformations, and XPath, plus extensive discussion of data access issues such as synchronization and serialization, the DiffGram format, and the XML extensions in Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000. Along the way, you’ll learn exactly how to get the best performance out of XML in the .NET world. You’ll also get answers to common questions such as, “When should I use XML Web services instead of Remoting?” Topics covered include:

  • The .NET XML parsing model

  • XML readers and writers

  • Validating readers and writers

  • XML Schema

  • The XML DOM in .NET

  • XPath

  • XSLT

  • XML extensions in SQL Server 2000

  • DataSet serialization

  • The DiffGram format

  • The XML Serializer

  • .NET Remoting

  • XML Web services

  • XML data islands

  • Configuration files
  • About Dino Esposito (Wintellect Collection)Dino Esposito is Wintellect’s ADO.NET expert and a trainer and consultant based in Rome, Italy. A frequent speaker at popular industry events such as Microsoft TechEd, DevConnections, and WinSummit, Dino writes the monthly “Cutting Edge” column for MSDN Magazine and the “Diving into Data Access” column for MSDN Voices. He
    also regularly contributes to Developer Net-work Journal (,
    MSDN News, and asp.netPro Magazine ( Dino is the
    cofounder of

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