Microsoft® Windows Media® Resource Kit

Microsoft® Windows Media® Resource Kit
Published:April 09, 2003Language:English
Author:Members of the Microsoft® Windows Media™ Team:Tricia Gill, Bill BirneyTechnology:Microsoft Windows XP
Length:560 PagesISBN 13:9780735618077

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About The BookComprehensive deployment information and tools for Windows Media technologies from those who know the technology best.

The definitive reference for planning and deploying Windows Media technologies on the Microsoft Windows® .NET Server family—straight from the source. This official Microsoft RESOURCE KIT provides in-depth technical guidance plus must-have tools for IT professionals who need to implement streaming media solutions for corporate communications, training and education, e-commerce, commercial broadcast, and other uses. The book provides a detailed deployment road map that covers all related Windows Media components, including Windows Media Encoder, Windows Media Services, Windows Media Player, and Microsoft Producer, as well as cache/proxy servers, routers, and other third-party networking software and hardware. In addition to providing expert installation advice, the authors—members of Microsoft’s Windows Media team—share their insights on how to build custom streaming solutions using samples from the Windows Media software development kit (SDK). They’ve also packed the RESOURCE KIT CD-ROM with essential tools, including Windows Media products such as the encoder and a load simulator; test content including audio and video files; SDK code samples; and scenario-based topologies, plans, and checklists.
About Members of the Microsoft® Windows Media™ Team:Tricia Gill, Bill BirneyThe highly skilled experts on the Microsoft Windows Media team, including Tricia Gill and Bill Birney, are responsible for every phase of planning, developing, deploying, and supporting Windows Media technologies.

Bill Birney

Bill has been creating content for more than 35 years. He started out in radio as a disc jockey, then gained broad experience in many fields, including television, music, audio production, film, corporate communications, and software. During his career, he has worked as a scriptwriter, composer, producer, director, video editor, sound designer, and creative director. Bill was a developmental editor and co-author of the book Inside Windows Media (Que, 1999), and was most recently co-author of the Windows Movie Maker Handbook (Microsoft Press, 2000).

Tricia Gill

Tricia began her career as a newspaper reporter before moving into technical communication. Over the past 18 years, she has written about a range of topics including hydroelectric power plants, pet food drives, passenger jets, public school programs, and computer software. While at Microsoft, Tricia has written online Help for Microsoft Site Server and Windows Media Encoder, assisted with the user interface design of Microsoft Commerce Serer, and written numerous Web articles and white papers about Windows Media Technologies.

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