Programming Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET for Microsoft Access Databases

Programming Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET for Microsoft Access Databases
Published:December 16, 2002Language:English
Author:Rick DobsonTechnology:Microsoft Access 2002
Length:656 PagesISBN 13:9780735618190

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About The BookLearn how to develop next-generation database applications with Microsoft® Access and Visual Basic® .NET!

The Microsoft® .NET Framework represents an exciting new world for developers who work with Microsoft Access, Visual Basic®, and Visual Basic for Applications. This book provides complete, practical details on how to take advantage of this world by building or upgrading Access-based client applications with Visual Basic .NET. It gives you specific instructions about how the .NET Framework pertains to Access development. Then it explores programming with Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET, and it puts it all together with examples and code samples that show how to develop robust Web applications and services with these tools. Topics covered include:
  • What’s in the Microsoft .NET Framework for Access developers
  • Getting started with Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET
  • Visual Basic.NET techniques for data types, procedures, loops, arrays, classes, class inheritance, event processing, structured exception handling, and file processing
  • Code behind Windows Forms and programming with form controls
  • Form navigation, the Data Form Wizard, and programming the DataGrid control
  • Learning ADO.NET architecture and programming data access and manipulation, plus drilling down on datasets and parent-child relations with ADO.NET
  • A Windows Form sample to browse, manipulate, and handle concurrency violations
  • Learning ASP.NET page design and implementing ADO.NET with ASP.NET pages
  • Using, creating, and deploying XML Web services
  • Securing .NET Windows and Web applications using Access databases
  • Appendix: XML syntax and schema conventions plus Visual Studio .NET XML DesignersINCLUDES SAMPLE CODE ON THE WEB!
  • Sample code available at the COMPANION CONTENT link on this page
  • Welcome to the companion content page for Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET for Microsoft Access Databases, which has content and links related to this book. For additional information, see the book's Introduction.
    Code SamplesDownload the Sample Files (1.76 MB; 6.77 MB uncompressed).
    System RequirementsThe samples used in the book require Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Professional or Enterprise editions. All the Windows applications can run on a machine with Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Me, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows XP. Any of the Web applications require Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or later (Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP) with Internet Information Services. The database samples require Microsoft Access 2000 or later. The one SQL Server example requires Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
    Installing The Code SamplesThe download link opens an InstallShield executable file containing a license agreement. To copy the sample files onto your hard disk, click the link to run the executable and then accept the license agreement that is presented. By default, the sample files will be copied to the folder C:\Microsoft Press Books\Prog VB for Access, although you'll be given an opportunity to change that destination folder during the installation process. This destination folder will also contain a Readme.txt file that you can refer to for instructions in setting up and using the sample files.
    Uninstalling The Code SamplesTo remove the sample files, use Windows Explorer to remove the folder \Prog VB for Access and all of its contents.
    Support InformationEvery effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the book and this companion content. Microsoft Press maintains a Knowledge Base that you can query for corrections and for answers to your questions. Connect to the Knowledge Base through the Book and CD Support navigation link at the top of this page.

    For support information regarding Microsoft Visual Studio, the .NET Framework, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft SQL Server, please visit the Microsoft Support Web Site.
    About Rick DobsonRick Dobson is the author of the Microsoft Press® titles Programming Microsoft Access Version 2002 and Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. He is the founder and chief technologist of CAB. He has more than a dozen years’ experience delivering professional computer services and is an accomplished author, speaker, and developer. His work regularly appears in many publications, including Byte, Microsoft Office & Visual Basic for Applications Developer, DBMS, Visual Basic Developer, Microsoft Web Developer, Visual Developer, and Smart Computing. He has led training classes in the United States and abroad, teaching developers from companies including Proctor & Gamble, Bell Laboratories, and Cincinnati Gas & Electrics. CAB's offices are in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Since 1999, Rick's company has sponsored its own national tour. Over the years the content of the tours has changed to reflect Rick's books as well as the most recent software releases from Microsoft. His 2002 tour was titled "The Access/SQL Server/VB.NET Development Seminar." The seminar attracts independent as well as corporate organizations such as Bank of America, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, State Farm Insurance, Prudential, EDS, the U.S. Navy, and Panasonic. These annual seminars provide Access developers, SQL Server developers, and database administrators the information they require to deliver better solutions to their clients as well as helping Visual Basic developers put Visual Basic .NET to use for database applications. For specific locations and registration for the next seminar tour, visit
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