Programming Microsoft® DirectShow® for Digital Video and Television

Programming Microsoft® DirectShow® for Digital Video and Television
Published:April 16, 2003Language:English
Author:Mark D. PesceTechnology:Microsoft Windows 2000
Length:448 PagesISBN 13:9780735618213

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About The BookCreate studio-quality productions?direct from the Microsoft Windows platform.

From desktop to television screen, deliver broadcast-ready digital video with DirectShow—the Microsoft DirectX streaming API integrated in the Windows operating system. Digital video expert and VRML creator Mark Pesce walks you through core DirectShow capabilities for capturing, editing, and rendering media—demonstrating basic to advanced techniques for producing studio-quality results. Whether you’re looking to add simple playback to an application or create your own movies and features, you’ll get the tools, guidance, and ready-to-use media clips you need to get started now.

Learn how to:
  • Use the GraphEdit design tool to rapidly prototype applications

  • Write your own source, transform, and renderer filters

  • Capture audio and video from Webcams, digital video cameras, and TV tuners

  • Compress digital video streams onto disk

  • Place clips and tracks on a timeline with DirectShow Editing Services

  • Merge multiple video streams with the Video Mixing Renderer (VMR)

  • Synchronize audio and video

  • Create simple programs to play MP3, WAV, MIDI, AVI, and Microsoft Windows Media files

  • Use DirectX Media Objects (DMOs) for faster, lightweight development of effects, encoders, and decoders

  • Extend DirectShow with AVIs and Windows Media Format

  • CD inside
    Includes reusable media and code samples

    CD features:
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) and documentation

  • Music, a movie short, and other video and audio samples

  • All the book’s programs and code
  • About Mark D. PesceMark Pesce has been an engineer for nearly a quarter of a century and is the coinventor of VRML and the author of numerous books, including VRML: Browsing and Building Cyberspace, and The Playful World: How Technology Is Transforming Our Imagination.
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