Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Scripting Guide

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Scripting Guide
Published:December 16, 2002Language:English
Author:The Microsoft Windows Resource Kit Scripting TeamTechnology:Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Length:1328 PagesISBN 13:9780735618671

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About The BookLearn how to take control of Windows 2000 administrative tasks with scripting.

Discover how to automate Microsoft® Windows® 2000 administrative tasks quickly and easily with expertise from those who know the technologies best—the system administration scripting experts on the Windows 2000 product team. Focusing on scripting for the administrator, this guide helps you understand important scripting concepts and technologies, and it shows how to use common scripting tools and techniques to complete routine tasks in core administrative areas. Combining tutorial and practical elements, it details how to create and use timesaving scripts in organizations of any size.


  • Get started fast with 400+ sample scripts on CD-ROM and learn about important scripting concepts and technologies, including what scripting is and when and why you should use it.

  • Find out how to use scripting technologies such as Microsoft Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript), Windows Script Host (WSH), the Microsoft Script Runtime object library, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Active Directory® Service Interfaces (ADSI).


  • Manage user accounts and identify and manage computer roles.

  • Inventory hardware; manage hard disks and other physical components, inventory, install, and remove software, and read, create, delete, and modify Registry keys and values.

  • Create, delete, copy, move, and monitor folders and files; manage event logs and log files; and manage printers and printer connections on both print servers and client computers.

  • Monitor running processes; create and terminate processes; monitor, start, and stop services; and retrieve and configure service accounts, passwords, and properties.


  • Set up an enterprise scripting infrastructure and modify scripts for a large organization.

  • Follow best practices when scripting in a team environment.


  • More than 400 sample scripts from the book that you can cut and paste to get started right away

  • A fully searchable electronic copy of the book

  • Microsoft Windows Script 5.6, containing VBScript 5.6, JScript® 5.6, WSH 5.6, Windows Script Components, and Windows Script Runtime 5.6.

  • Documentation for VBScript, Jscript, and WSH

  • Scriptomatic tool to expedite scriptwriting with WMI
  • About The Microsoft Windows Resource Kit Scripting TeamFounded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq ‘MSFT’) is the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software—any time, any place, and on any device.
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