Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Programmer's Cookbook

Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Programmer's Cookbook
Published:June 04, 2003Language:English
Author:Matthew MacDonaldTechnology:Microsoft Visual Basic
Length:800 PagesISBN 13:9780735619319

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About The BookProblem. Solution. Code.

Next time you hit the wall with a tough Visual Basic .NET problem, get the code behind the solution—and solve it the right way. This PROGRAMMER’S COOKBOOK provides at-a-glance reference to hundreds of Visual Basic .NET programming scenarios using a concise, problem/solution format. The book’s organized so you can quickly zero in on the topics and answers you need—with practical examples, code snippets, best practices, and undocumented secrets that get the job done.

No half-baked solutions. Get expert code from expert developers.

  • Get hundreds of recipes covering every application type—from Microsoft Windows to Web pages, Web services, remote components, and Windows services.

  • Learn when to use lower-level Win32 APIs and COM components vs. the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Discover practical ways to deal with XML data and handle data binding with Microsoft ADO.NET.

  • Build object-oriented components from scratch to access FTP sites, contact POP mail servers, and work with vectors, fractions, and complex numbers.

  • Extend the reach of your Windows applications with WMI and use JavaScript to enhance Web pages.

  • Tackle advanced techniques for multithreading, .NET Remoting, reflection, and cryptography.

  • Uncover free third-party components to read zip files, write PDF documents, show menus in Microsoft ASP.NET, and more.

  • Get all the book’s code recipes on line.
  • About Matthew MacDonaldMatthew MacDonald is an author, educator, and MCSD developer with a passion for emerging technologies. He is the author of several books about programming with Microsoft .NET, a columnist for Inside Visual Basic, and a regular contributor to other periodicals such as ASPToday, C# Today, Hardcore ASP.NET, Hardcore VB .NET, and .NET Developer. In the corporate world, Matthew has worked with Microsoft technologies in a variety of roles, including as a technical writer, developer, and project manager. He also teaches introductory programming at the college level.
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