Network Programming for the Microsoft® .NET Framework

Network Programming for the Microsoft® .NET Framework
Published:September 17, 2003Language:English
Author:Anthony Jones, Jim Ohlund, Lance OlsonTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:384 PagesISBN 13:9780735619593

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About The BookThe definitive guide to building more powerful network applications using the .NET Framework.

Learn the best ways to exploit the networking APIs in the .NET Framework—and deliver greater flexibility, interoperability, and power to your network applications. Three network programming specialists from Microsoft demonstrate how to use the System.Net namespace, which contains the core classes for network development, across a range of scenarios—from writing your first socket-based application to developing high performance N-tier Web applications. Whether you’re a Win32-based network programmer moving to the .NET Framework or you’re an XML Web Services or .NET Remoting developer looking for a better understanding of how these technologies relate to the network, this singular reference delivers the code and instruction you need.

Discover how to:
  • Use serialization techniques—binary, XML, and SOAP—to package complex data

  • Enable concurrent programming—and increase application flexibility—with threads and asynchronous I/O

  • Resolve URIs without writing protocol-specific code

  • Communicate over IP networks using DNS, IPv4, and IPv6

  • Learn core to advanced socket programming techniques for both client and server operations

  • Employ the .NET Web-related classes to retrieve HTTP content—proxy servers, cookies, credentials, and more

  • Fine?tune XML Web services in your network programs and customize the underlying HTTP protocol for optimal efficiency

  • Write a .NET Remoting custom channel to communicate over any data transmission medium

  • Utilize code access security, encryption technology, and HTTP authentication techniques

  • Boost application performance and scalability by streamlining resources
  • About Anthony Jones, Jim Ohlund, Lance OlsonAnthony Jones is lead tester for the Winsock API in the Microsoft Windows division and a former member of the Microsoft Developer Support team. He is coauthor, along with Jim Ohlund, of two editions of Network Programming for Microsoft Windows. Jim is a software design engineer for the Microsoft Security Business Unit and has been helping developers maximize their work with the Windows networking APIs for nearly a decade. Lance Olson is a Microsoft lead program manager who has worked on the .NET Framework since its inception. He’s actively involved in the developer community, contributes to MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network, and speaks at industry events.
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