Developing Microsoft® .NET Controls with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET

Developing Microsoft® .NET Controls with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET
Published:October 08, 2003Language:English
Author:John ConnellTechnology:N/A
Length:528 PagesISBN 13:9780735619241

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About The BookCustomize the intrinsic controls in the .NET Framework—or build your own—for better usability.

Every click on a menu item or a dialog box—every interaction with a control—shapes the user’s experience and satisfaction with your software. Learn how to maximize the usability and impact of your Visual Basic .NET–based solutions by using the powerful intrinsic controls in the .NET Framework right out of the box—or by building complex controls from scratch. Expert developer and teacher John Connell shares a wealth of code samples and techniques to illustrate how .NET controls operate as well as how to integrate even the most complex controls into Windows Forms and Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms. Whether you’re developing in-house or commercial software, you’ll learn how to build custom controls and other interface components that make your programs easy—and enjoyable—to use.

  • Discover how to use encryption technologies, isolated storage, and serialization in the .NET Framework in your own programs and controls

  • Build custom .NET type editors, type converters, and designers to add and manage sophisticated properties in your custom controls

  • Learn how to inherit and enhance .NET controls—from handling events to building custom designers

  • Aggregate multiple .NET intrinsic controls into one user control for simpler, custom functionality

  • Use GDI+ to perform hit tests, create dynamic bitmaps, and add graphics to Windows Forms and ASP.NET controls

  • Add licensing to your controls, including custom validation of authorized users

  • Manipulate the built-in ASP.NET Web server controls, from basic HTML wrappers to the powerful DataGrid control

  • Design ASP.NET custom server controls to create Web page hit counters, wireless applications, and more
  • About John ConnellJohn Connell is Executive Vice President and CIO of BankFinancial in Chicago, which develops and runs its total environment on Microsoft technologies. He teaches graduate-level programming classes at DePaul University and is the author of the popular Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming and Coding Techniques for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.
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