Programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

Programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005
Published:June 21, 2006Language:English
Author:Andrew J. Brust; Stephen ForteTechnology:Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Length:928 PagesISBN 13:9780735619234

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About The BookEssential reference guide to understanding fundamentals of programming SQL Server

Get the straightforward information you need to learn the core programmability features in SQL Server 2005. This guide offers hands-on programming instruction, practical examples, and code samples to help you design and develop robust database applications and business intelligence solutions.Discover how to:
  • Program views, stored procedures, triggers, and functions using T-SQL
  • Work with the new XML data type and XQuery method
  • Automate common administration and maintenance tasks
  • Debug databases, reports, and objects using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Write transactional code and implement local and distributed transactions
  • Develop mobile data applications using SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition
  • Use SQL Server Notification Services to develop applications that deliver event-driven notifications to users
  • Use business intelligence tools, such as SQL Server Reporting Services and OLAP and data mining componentsPLUS—Get C# code samples on the Web
  • About Andrew J. Brust; Stephen ForteAndrew J. Brust is the Chief, New Technology at twentysix New York, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in business intelligence, enterprise integration and Microsoft .NET application development. Andrew is a Microsoft Regional Director for New York/New Jersey and a member of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Partner Advisory Council. Stephen Forte is the cofounder and CTO of Corzen, Inc. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director for New York and a Microsoft MVP.
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