Building Secure Microsoft® ASP.NET Applications

Building Secure Microsoft® ASP.NET Applications
Published:January 22, 2003Language:English
Author:Microsoft CorporationTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:620 PagesISBN 13:9780735618909

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About The BookYour guide to authentication, authorization, and secure communication.

Building secure distributed Web applications can be challenging. It usually involves integrating several different technologies and products—yet your complete application will only be as secure as its weakest link. This guide presents a practical, scenario-driven approach to designing and building security-enhanced ASP.NET applications for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and version 1.1 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. It focuses on the key elements of authentication, authorization, and secure communication within and across the tiers of distributed .NET Web applications.

This guide focuses on:
  • Authentication—to identify the clients of your application

  • Authorization—to provide access controls for those clients

  • Secure communication—to help ensure that messages remain private and are not altered by unauthorized parties

  • Who should read this guide:
    Middleware developers and architects who build or plan to build .NET Web applications using ASP.NET, XML Web Services, Enterprise Services (COM+), .NET Remoting, or Microsoft ADO.NET

    About “Patterns and Practices”:
    Patterns & Practices contain specific recommendations illustrating how to design, build, deploy, and operate architecturally sound solutions to challenging business and technical scenarios. The technical guidance is reviewed and approved by Microsoft engineering teams, consultants, and Product Support Services, and by partners and customers.

    Note: Includes complete sample on the Web.
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    Code Samples
    System Requirements
    To use the sample files, you'll need at least one computer running Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP3. In addition, you'll require Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, the .NET Framework SP2, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP2. Although we targeted version 1 of the Microsoft .NET Framework (with SP2), the concepts and code will run with the next version of the .NET Framework.

    To implement some of the solutions discussed, you also need a second computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP3, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP3 or Microsoft Windows 2000 DataCenter Server SP3.
    Installing The Code Samples
    The download link opens an InstallShield executable file containing a license agreement. To copy the sample files onto your hard disk, click the link to run the executable and then accept the license agreement that is presented. By default, the sample files will be copied to the folder \My Documents\Microsoft Press\BuildingSecureApps, although you'll be given an opportunity to change that destination folder during the installation process. This setup program is based on Windows Installer 2.0. If you do not have Windows Installer 2.0 on your machine, it will be installed for you. In order to install Windows Installer 2.0, you must have administrative privileges.
    Uninstalling The Code Samples
    To remove the code samples from your computer, make the appropriate selection from Add Or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
    Support Information
    Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the book and the companion content. As corrections or changes are collected, they will be added to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article. You can find Knowledge Base articles and other support options at the following location: Microsoft Press Book and CD Support Web Site.
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