101 Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Applications

101 Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Applications
Published:June 11, 2003Language:English
Author:3 Leaf SolutionsTechnology:Microsoft Visual Basic
Length:592 PagesISBN 13:9780735618916

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About The BookGet 700 coding hours distilled into concise, easy-to-follow practices for Visual Basic .NET.

Explore 101 of the most useful Visual Basic .NET applications in action—and jumpstart your own Microsoft .NET Framework-based development projects. This guide provides expert, behind-the-code commentary on 101 fully executable code samples—distilling more than 700 hours of programming time into best practices for Microsoft Windows Forms development. Each code sample demonstrates core features and functions of Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Framework, explains the underlying programming concepts, and provides a complete code walkthrough. From creating basic data entry forms to drilling deep into the .NET Framework, you’ll learn the techniques that Microsoft’s own developers use to write real-world applications with Visual Basic .NET.Get code, comments, and instruction to help you:
  • Build smart client applications using Windows Forms
  • Use Microsoft ADO.NET to build data-centric applications
  • Master advanced .NET-based techniques: threading, remoting, and serialization
  • Use GDI+ to manipulate images and animate your solutions
  • Use performance counters and the Event Log to monitor the OS and instrument your applications
  • Exploit COM+ features such as transactions and role-based security
  • Implement application security features such as encryption and authentication
  • Automate Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer using COM Interop
  • Create and deploy add-ins for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Enable application messaging via MSMQ
  • Create and consume Web servicesPlus:
  • See how to use what’s new in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and .NET Framework 1.1
  • Learn how Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 impacts application development and support
  • Get guidelines for applying the coding conventions described in the book
  • About 3 Leaf SolutionsSean Campbell, Scott Swigart, Bob Carver, Patrick Barnes, Jim Pragit, Oz Rugless, Kris Horrocks is a team of authors from 3 Leaf Solutions, which is a company that provides training, consulting and other services to early adopters of Microsoft technology. 3 Leaf Solutions does a significant number of external and internal projects directly for Microsoft. These projects allow 3 Leaf Solutions to gain a deep understanding of new Microsoft products and technologies before they appear publicly. Once products are released publicly 3 Leaf Solutions then takes the knowledge they have gained and enables early adopters to build solutions that build upon newly released products via consulting, mentoring, training or other services. These experiences with Microsoft and early adopters have led 3 Leaf Solutions to a deep understanding of the core questions and concerns of VB.NET developers. The 100 sample applications detailed in this book are derived from the experiences of 3 Leaf consultants and their exposure to real world adopters of VB.NET. These applications leverage the years of experience 3 Leaf already has in designing VB.NET applications to show developers “in code” how to develop VB.NET Windows Forms and Web Form applications.
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