Microsoft® Systems Management Server 2003 Administrator's Companion

Microsoft® Systems Management Server 2003 Administrator's Companion
Published:January 21, 2004Language:English
Author:Steven D. KaczmarekTechnology:Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003
Length:864 PagesISBN 13:9780735618886

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About The BookThe comprehensive guide to planning, deployment, and everyday maintenance.

Streamline—and centralize—the management of your Microsoft Windows-based desktops with the essential guide to planning, deploying, and supporting Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003. This in-depth administrator’s reference drills into SMS features and components and provides easy-to-follow procedures, practical workarounds, and key troubleshooting tactics for everyday, on-the-job results. From remotely installing, managing, and troubleshooting applications to deploying patches, monitoring system usage, and tracking assets—you get must-know details for protecting and optimizing your technology investment.Discover how to:
  • Plan, install, and configure your SMS site and site systems
  • Prepare existing SMS 2.0 sites for migration
  • Construct a management hierarchy, including creating secondary sites
  • Understand patch management and how to integrate SMS 2003 into the process
  • Walk through resource discovery and client installation methods
  • Create and distribute software packages and critical updates through the management console and through scripts
  • Implement and administer standard or advanced security modes
  • Monitor site activity, track information flow, and analyze network and server performance remotely
  • Plan your disaster recovery strategy, including maintenance and backups Evaluation software inside!
  • Try Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 with 120-day evaluation software on CD.
  • About Steven D. KaczmarekSteven D. Kaczmarek, MCP, MCT, MCSE, is a professional trainer, writer, and consultant specializing in Systems Management Server and enterprise network management. He is the author of Microsoft Systems Management Server 2000 Administrator’s Companion and Mike Meyers’ MCSE Windows 2000 Directory Services Administration Certification Passport.
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