Programming Microsoft® .NET XML Web Services

Programming Microsoft® .NET XML Web Services
Published:July 30, 2003Language:English
Author:Damien Foggon, Daniel Maharry, Chris Ullman, and Karli WatsonTechnology:N/A
Length:720 PagesISBN 13:9780735619128

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About The BookThe professional developer’s guide to building state-of-the-art XML Web Services with Microsoft .NET.

Get the in-depth reference and guidance you need to create and consume high-performance, cross-platform Web solutions in the Microsoft .NET environment. This exhaustive resource cuts to the heart of developing XML Web Services and their clients—offering expert insights on the relevant standards, .NET classes, and key design and development techniques. You’ll learn to exploit core technologies such as XML, UDDI, and SOAP, as well as emerging specifications and tools, so that you can create effective and efficient Web Services. You also get complete code in C# for all the book’s examples on the Web, ready to adapt to your own applications.

Discover how to:
  • Use SOAP to communicate with Web Services and WSDL to define them

  • Know when to use DISCO and UDDI for Web services discovery

  • Write XML schemas to specify the content and context of messages sent to and from clients

  • Create Web methods to manage application state, asynchronous calls, and file versioning

  • Build custom clients for Web Service consumption

  • Use Microsoft ADO.NET to expose data from databases, XML files, and servers

  • Extend the Web Services framework with HTTP modules and SOAP extensions

  • Use authentication, authorization, SSL connections, cryptography, WS-Security, and other security techniques

  • Employ Web Service Enhancements (WSE) for attachments, routing, referral, and other advanced functions

  • Explore Global XML Web Services Architecture (GXA) and other emerging standards
  • About Damien Foggon, Daniel Maharry, Chris Ullman, and Karli WatsonDamien Foggon is technical director for Thing-E Ltd., a company specializing in Web development. He was responsible for the development of several ASP Web sites (e-commerce, community) and is now in the process of moving many of these to ASP.NET. Though this is his first book, he has been a technical reviewer for numerous Wrox books (covering ASP, Microsoft Visual Basic®, C#, Visual Basic .NET, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and DHTML). He is in the process of building his own Web site.

    Daniel Maharry is a freelance writer and editor who has, in no particular order, taught English, Maths and Guitar, directed, crewed, acted in, and produced a few plays and short films, been a film and music columnist for four years, co-founded two websites ( and, rewritten his own several times (, opened an office in India, variously edited, reviewed and written pieces of over forty programming books, qualified as a sound engineer, and consumed enough caffeine in his lifetime to keep most of China awake for a week. Occasionally, he sleeps. Sometimes.

    Chris Ullman is the coauthor of many Wrox ASP/ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Curl, and Cold Fusion books and the lead author of the best-seller Beginning ASP 3.0. He was also the editor of Beginning E-Commerce. Chris helped build and implement the P2P Wrox Web site—initially completely on his own. He has real-world experience creating database applications for firms not associated with Wrox, and he is currently self-employed as a consultant. He runs two of his own Web sites ( and
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