Faster Smarter Microsoft® Office System -- 2003 Edition

Faster Smarter Microsoft® Office System -- 2003 Edition
Published:September 03, 2003Language:English
Author:Katherine MurrayTechnology:Microsoft Office 2003
Length:368 PagesISBN 13:9780735619210

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$ 19.99
About The BookCut to the chase—for faster, smarter ways to work with the Microsoft Office System!

Now you can do the things you do every day with Office—create reports, manage finances, send e-mail, and make a presentation—but do them faster, smarter, and better. Dive in! This friendly, focused guide shows the best ways to use the core features in your Office programs, so you spend more time doing and less time learning. Use the quick lists, numbered steps, and helpful examples to accelerate your productivity—and do the cool things you want to do!Discover how to:
  • Get your e-mail, calendar, and work day under control
  • Create professional-looking documents—from memos and invoices to complex reports
  • Use spreadsheets and charts to analyze data and support decision making
  • Produce and deliver a compelling presentation with great visuals and special effects
  • Communicate and work together more effectively using enhanced collaboration features
  • Quickly build a dynamic Web site with data-driven features
  • Use XML to make your data go farther
  • Share and reuse information among programs to simplify work and get better resultsLearn about Office the Faster Smarter way!
  • 10-Second Summary—see what each chapter covers at a glance
  • Fast Wrap-Up—review key points and takeaways from every chapter
  • Real-World Examples—apply what you learn to real work, right now
  • Aha! Tips—get insider tips and insights to fuel your productivity
  • Top 10 Troubleshooting Solutions—find fast answers, right inside the cover!
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