Microsoft® .NET Distributed Applications: Integrating XML Web Services and .NET Remoting

Microsoft® .NET Distributed Applications: Integrating XML Web Services and .NET Remoting
Published:February 12, 2003Language:English
Author:Matthew MacDonaldTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:752 PagesISBN 13:9780735619333

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About The BookAdvance your .NET expertise—learning proven techniques for building large-scale distributed solutions.

Make the jump to distributed application programming using the .NET Framework—and introduce a new level of performance, scalability, and security to your network and enterprise applications. Expert .NET developer Matthew MacDonald shares proven techniques for fully exploiting .NET Remoting, XML Web services, and other .NET technologies and integrating them into your real-world solutions. MacDonald digs into key .NET building blocks and architectural issues, explaining which features and designs will best serve your customized distributed application projects—and when to use them. Case studies with full code examples illustrate these practical techniques in action, as well as demonstrating their benefits and tradeoffs.Learn how to:
  • Cross application boundaries with .NET Remoting, XML Web services, and Message Queuing
  • Create responsive clients and scalable servers with multithreading
  • Model your distributed application with interfaces, facades, and factories
  • Use COM+ services such as object pooling, JIT activation, and transactions
  • Craft a data transfer plan with Microsoft ADO.NET—without concurrency errors
  • Help secure your code end to end—from the transport level to the presentation tier
  • Learn ways to avert—or unclog—performance bottlenecks in your applications
  • Automate deployment using self-updating applications and XML Web services
  • Master stateless programming and other best practices for distributed applications
  • About Matthew MacDonaldMatthew MacDonald is an author, an educator, and an MCSD developer with a passion for emerging technologies. He is the author of several books about programming with .NET, including The Book of VB .NET (No Starch) and ASP.NET: The Complete Reference (Osborne McGraw-Hill), and a contributor to O'Reilly titles such as Programming .NET Web Services, ASP.NET in a Nutshell, and ADO.NET in a Nutshell. He's also a columnist for Inside Visual Basic and a regular contributor to other periodicals such as ASPToday, C#Today, Hardcore ASP.NET, Hardcore VB .NET, and .NET Developer. In the corporate world, he's worked with Microsoft technologies in a variety of roles, including as a technical writer, a developer, and a project manager. He also teaches introductory programming at the college level.
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