Microsoft® ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual C#® .NET Version 2003 Step By Step

Microsoft® ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual C#® .NET Version 2003 Step By Step
Published:April 23, 2003Language:English
Author:G. Andrew DuthieTechnology:Microsoft Visual C#
Length:624 PagesISBN 13:9780735619357

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About The BookYour step-by-step guide to building Web applications with ASP.NET and C#—now updated for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Teach yourself how to write high-performance Web applications with ASP.NET and Visual C# .NET 2003—one step at a time. This practical, hands-on tutorial expertly guides you through the fundamental tools and technologies, including the common language runtime, Web Forms, XML Web services, and the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1?including new ASP.NET mobile controls. Work at your own pace through the easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on exercises to learn essential techniques. And accelerate your productivity by working with instructive code examples and best practices for ASP.NET Web development with Visual C#.Discover how to:
  • Create a Web application, add a new Web Forms page, and add controls
  • Manage application state and enable session state
  • Configure applications and use side-by-side versioning
  • Implement security features in ASP.NET, including new Request Validation
  • Create Web Forms pages
  • Delve deeper into server controls—and build your own
  • Access and bind data
  • Create and use Web services
  • Use caching to improve performance
  • Trace and debug ASP.NET applications
  • Deploy applications manually or through Visual Studio® .NETIncludes practice exercises and sample code on the Web
  • About G. Andrew DuthieG. Andrew Duthie is the founder and principal of Graymad Enterprises, Inc. (, which provides training and consulting in Microsoft Web development technologies. He has been developing multitier Web applications since the early days of Active Server Pages.

    Andrew has been extremely active in the .NET community as a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, an ASP.NET ACE, a moderator in the ASP.NET forums, and an author. In addition to his books for Microsoft Press, he has written articles for magazines such as MSDN® and SQL Server Magazine, as well as for the ASP Alliance Web site (

    Andrew worked with the ASP.NET team to help beta test the new discussion forums system (available for download, including full source code, at, and he is a contributor and moderator in the forums as well. Andrew frequently speaks at events such as Dev Days, ASP.NET Connections, VSLive!, and Software Development. He is a member of the Speakers Bureau of INETA, the International .NET Association (, a group that provides support and resources to .NET user groups worldwide.
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