Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 Resource Kit

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 Resource Kit
Published:March 30, 2005Language:English
Author:Unkroth, Molony, Cherny, Reid, Strachan, English, MS Exch TeamTechnology:Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Length:1408 PagesISBN 13:9780735620728

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$ 69.99
About The BookThe definitive source for in-depth technical information and tools—direct from the Microsoft Exchange Server team

Design, deploy, and administer Microsoft Exchange Server 2003—with the guidance six industry experts and the Microsoft Exchange Server team. This official RESOURCE KIT provides more than 1400 pages of in-depth technical information, best practices, and troubleshooting strategies to help you plan your deployment, implement security services, monitor system performance, administer backups and recovery, and perform other key tasks. The CD comes packed with additional reference materials, including 80+ essential tools and scripts, more than 200 practical worksheets, and bonus eBooks. It’s everything you need to help save time, reduce support costs, and improve performance!

Get the in-depth guidance you need to:

  • Plan, test, and roll out your Exchange Server 2003 deployment

  • Update from Exchange Server 5.5 or Exchange 2000 Server, or migrate from other non-Exchange messaging systems

  • Design and streamline mailbox management, server administration, and message routing

  • Utilize server and site consolidation strategies to help reduce total cost of ownership

  • Manage Active Directory® information and manage data with Exchange store resources

  • Use encryption, virus protection, and other security services

  • Automate daily operations with Exchange Management Pack and Microsoft Operations Manager

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and tune server performance—diagnose and resolve problems faster

  • Develop a disaster recovery plan, and establish a backup strategy

  • CD features:
  • 80+ tools and scripts, including MIIS extension DLLs, SetMailboxQuotas.wsf, and CreateDNSZone.xml

  • 200+ worksheets to help simplify essential procedures

  • Microsoft Windows® Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide eBook

  • Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition eBook

  • Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security eBook

  • Complete RESOURCE KIT eBook
  • About Unkroth, Molony, Cherny, Reid, Strachan, English, MS Exch TeamKay Unkroth is a trainer, consultant, and author with 12 years’ experience with Microsoft messaging technologies. Elizabeth Molony advises companies deploying Exchange Server and develops training courseware and workshops. Pav Cherny is an author, a consultant, and the co-owner of Iyou LLC, a documentation solutions company. Brian Reid is a messaging and security specialist and a director with C7 Solutions Ltd. Fergus Strachan is managing director of Corporate OnSite, Ltd., which specializes in infrastructure design and implementation. Bill English is an author and educator specializing in collaborative technologies; he is co-owner of Mindsharp. The Microsoft Exchange Server Team designs, develops, and supports the technology.
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