Faster Smarter Microsoft® Windows® XP with Microsoft® Plus! Digital Media Edition

Faster Smarter Microsoft® Windows® XP with Microsoft® Plus! Digital Media Edition
Published:November 12, 2003Language:English
Author:Ed BottTechnology:Microsoft Windows XP
Length:400 PagesISBN 13:9780735619661

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$ 29.99
About The BookCut to the chase—for faster, smarter ways to use Windows XP and Plus! Digital Media Edition!

Whether you’re looking to e-mail photos, network your home computers, or get the latest news on your Pocket PC, this friendly, high-energy guide shows how to do it faster, smarter, and better. Dive in—and teach yourself exactly what you need using the quick lists, numbered steps, and helpful examples. This popular book now features a full version of Plus! Digital Media Edition software, along with two new chapters, for even more cool things to experience with Windows XP!

  • Set up your e-mail and connect to the Internet

  • Tweak memory and system settings—get more speed

  • Help foil hackers, viruses, and spam; keep cookies in check

  • Troubleshoot your PC and build your own network

  • Burns CDs, master your digital camera, create a media library

  • Plus! Download Web content to your Pocket PC

  • Plus! Share narrated photo stories on line

  • Plus! Turn old LPs and cassettes into vibrant digital audio

  • Plus! Add special effects to home movies

  • Featuring the ultimate photo, music, and movie enhancement pack for Windows XP!

    Amp up your digital media experience the faster, smarter way! Inside, full Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition software and two new chapters to do amazing things with:

  • Plus! Sync & Go for Pocket PC

  • Plus! Photo Story

  • Plus! Effects & Transitions for Movie Maker 2

  • Plus! Analog Recorder

  • Plus! Party Mode, Plus! CD Label Maker, and five more tools
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