The Applied Microsoft® .NET Framework Programming in C# Collection

The Applied Microsoft® .NET Framework Programming in C# Collection
Published:May 07, 2003Language:English
Author:Jeffrey Richter (Wintellect)Technology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:640 PagesISBN 13:9780735619753

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$ 69.99
About The BookThis must-have collection of resources includes Jeffrey Richter’s award-winning APPLIED MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMING book, his video lecture on Exception Handling, and the .NET Framework 1.1 Class Library poster pack—all in one package.

Apply your expertise to the .NET Framework with the guidance of programming expert Jeffrey Richter—on video, through his award-winning book, and with a set of posters containing complete, at-a-glance reference to .NET Framework Class Library namespace details. Richter is well-known to the developer community as an author, an instructor, and a contributing editor for MSDN® Magazine. He has been consulting with the .NET Framework team at Microsoft since 1999, and is the cofounder of Wintellect, a premier training, debugging, and consulting firm. This must-have collection includes Richter’s highly respected Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming book, which describes .NET Framework architecture, the common language runtime, and core types in the .NET Framework Class Library—deftly presenting the concepts, insights, and examples needed to begin developing robust, .NET Framework–based applications. You can experience Richter in action through his video lecture on Exception Handling, which covers implicit assumptions about Exceptions, key benefits of exception handling, and tips for managing unhandled exceptions with Windows® Forms, Web Forms, and XML Web services. You also get the .NET Framework 1.1 Class Library poster pack—four, full-color wall posters that clearly display the namespace details essential to every developer working with the .NET Framework—including System, System.Web, System.XML, System.Data, System.Windows.Forms, and System.Drawing. Each poster provides an easy-to-scan class derivation hierarchy of the most useful types, a comprehensive list of value types, an interface cross-reference map, and more. Together, this collection delivers the hands-on resources you need to advance your expertise—and your productivity—with the .NET Framework.
About Jeffrey Richter (Wintellect)Jeffrey Richter is a well-known author, consultant, and trainer in the Windows programming field. He writes the Win32® Q&A column for Microsoft Systems Journal and serves as a contributing editor at MSDN Magazine. Jeff has been a consultant to many companies, including Microsoft, Intel, and DreamWorks Interactive, and he regularly teaches on-site Windows programming courses at major corporations worldwide. He now works as an independent contractor at Microsoft, a consultant for Wintellect, and a writer for CodeGuru, among other things.
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