Microsoft® Office Access 2003 Inside Track

Microsoft® Office Access 2003 Inside Track
Published:January 07, 2004Language:English
Author:John Pierce with Paul PardiTechnology:Microsoft Office Access 2003
Length:768 PagesISBN 13:9780735619760

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$ 44.99
About The BookTake your database expertise as fast—and as far—as you want to go with the inside track to Access!

Advance your database expertise—your way and as far as you want to go—with learn-by-doing training for Access 2003. With INSIDE TRACK, you choose exactly how and what you learn: Use the book’s learning road map to plot your course. Select relevant lessons and get hands-on experience with practice-and-solution files. Assess your progress against learning checkpoints. And then apply your new skills to the real world of work. The CD packs all the exercises and database samples from inside the book, along with links to great resources. No matter what your current skill level, you’ll build a better data pipeline with training from the inside track!Discover how to:
  • Design effective database tables and fields
  • Import or link to data in spreadsheets, text files, and other databases
  • Create forms for entering and viewing data
  • Build queries, reports, and PivotTable and PivotChart dynamic views for data analysis
  • Use data access pages and XML to make data Web-accessible
  • Set up an Access project file to work with a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Write macros and code to automate your database
  • Back up critical data and use permissions, encryption, macro security, and other security techniques
  • Share data and collaborate on projects by using Access with other Microsoft Office applications CD Inside!CD features:
  • Practice files and database samples for all the book’s exercises
  • Links to Access newsgroups and Microsoft Office learning resources
  • Demos for Microsoft Office Access, InfoPath, and OneNote
  • “Extending Access,” a guide to Access tools and utilities
  • Fully searchable eBook of this text in PDF format
  • Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition, eBookHere’s how you get the Inside Track:
  • Road Map—chart your course and target what you want to learn
  • Hands-On Exercises—get expert guidance and practice performing real-world tasks
  • Just The Steps—find instructions for key procedures at a glance
  • Quick Check questions—put yourself to the test
  • On Your Own—polish your skills for real work and better results
  • About John Pierce with Paul PardiJohn Pierce is the coauthor of Troubleshooting Microsoft Access 2002. An editor at Microsoft, he’s helped develop many of its most popular books on Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft Office applications.

    Paul Pardi, software development manager for Microsoft Learning, wrote his first program in the ’70s on an Atari 400 and has since worked as a consultant, system integrator, and software engineer.
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