Secure Messaging with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003

Secure Messaging with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003
Published:March 17, 2004Language:English
Author:Paul RobichauxTechnology:Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Length:544 PagesISBN 13:9780735619906

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About The BookGet expert guidance to assess and help secure your Exchange Server 2003 messaging systems.

From risk assessment to implementation and auditing procedures, get critical guidance to help enhance the security of your messaging infrastructure. Written by a network security expert who works closely with the Microsoft Exchange Server team, this guide delivers essential information and advice to help protect your clients, servers, and communications channels. Discover how to use the security features available in the Exchange and Microsoft Windows environments to harden the underlying system configuration and create multiple layers of defense against viruses, worms, and other threats—helping you improve messaging integrity over e-mail and the Internet.Discover how to:
  • Identify and assess threats and risks to your messaging systems
  • Install and configure Exchange to address security considerations
  • Choose appropriate security-related algorithms and protocols
  • Automate patch distribution and service-pack updates
  • Implement anti-spam features and content-filtering tools
  • Deploy multiple layers of virus defense—desktop, perimeter, and server
  • Employ system-monitoring and intrusion-detection tools and techniques
  • Create an Exchange-ready PKI and deploy Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access
  • Use POP and IMAP to enhance control of mailbox access
  • NEW—Get a list of questions to employ when performing a security audit
  • NEW—Implement security measures for roaming users and mobile devices
  • NEW—Review messaging-related legal issues in a chapter from former law professor William J. Friedman
  • About Paul RobichauxPaul Robichaux is a system administrator, a messaging architect, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Exchange Server. He’s written numerous books on Exchange Server and Windows, and is a columnist for Exchange & Outlook Administrator and Windows & .NET Magazine. As a partner in 3sharp LLC, Paul and his team have helped validate enterprise deployments for security, storage management, and scalability, and he’s helped develop Exchange-related products for a number of major software vendors.
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