Customizing the Microsoft® .NET Framework Common Language Runtime

Customizing the Microsoft® .NET Framework Common Language Runtime
Published:January 26, 2005Language:English
Author:Steven PratschnerTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Length:400 PagesISBN 13:9780735619883

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About The BookExtend your application’s flexibility and reach with advanced techniques for the CLR.

Packed with expert guidelines and advice, this is the advanced reference you need to customize common language runtime (CLR) applications now—and as you move to Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Microsoft program manager Steven Pratschner takes you inside the workings of the CLR, showing you how it functions, and how to tailor its features for the unique requirements of your application. You’ll go from configuring basic startup parameters to controlling critical runtime notations—including how code is loaded into the process, how memory is managed, and when code is scheduled to run. Find the detailed information and insights you need—and take full advantage of the increased flexibility and programmability of the CLR.

Discover how to:
  • Write your own CLR host—or customize the default host—to control startup and shutdown

  • Use application domains and domain managers to effectively isolate groups of assemblies

  • Learn key strategies for loading and customizing assemblies in extensible applications

  • Extend and customize the Code Access Security (CAS) system to help protect your extensible application

  • Unload a domain without leaking resources—and make code more reliable—using safe handles, critical finalizers, and constrained execution regions

  • Use the host protection feature for application-specific programming model constraints

  • Create and manage tasks with custom schedulers and thread pools

  • Covers Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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    For information on code samples and system requirements, please see the Introduction.
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    Code SamplesDownload the Code Samples
    System Requirements
    All of the sample programs are provided in the form of Microsoft Visual Studio projects built with the October Technology Preview of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

    To build and run the samples, you'll need a machine running a version of Windows that supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, such as Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP.
    Installing The Code SamplesTo use the sample code, click the download link above and open or save the .msi file to your machine. You must accept the license agreement presented when you run the .msi file in order to copy the sample code to your hard disk. By default, the sample code will be installed to [My Documents]\Microsoft Press\Customizing .NET Framework CLR.
    Uninstalling The Code SamplesTo remove the sample code, make the appropriate selection from Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. If additional files were added to the [My Documents]\Microsoft Press\Customizing .NET Framework CLR folder after installation, manually delete these files.
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    About Steven PratschnerSteven Pratschner is a program manager on the .NET Compact Framework team at Microsoft. As a former team member for the full .NET Framework, he worked on several CLR features, including the versioning system, hosting, and the security system. Steven has written articles and presented at numerous conferences on a variety of topics related to .NET Framework-based programming. He holds computer science degrees from North Dakota State University and Santa Clara University.
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