Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker 2: Do Amazing Things

Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker 2: Do Amazing Things
Published:December 10, 2003Language:English
Author:John BuechlerTechnology:Microsoft Windows 2000
Length:256 PagesISBN 13:9780735620148

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About The BookLights! Camera! PC! You’ve got what it takes to make great movies with Movie Maker 2!

So let’s go! Roll camera, shout action, and amaze yourself with all you can do with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2. Fun, focused, and easy to follow, this guide shows how to dive right into your first or next movie, complete with special effects, voiceovers, credits, even a full soundtrack—right from your computer. Using simple drag-and-drop moves—and the guidance of a Windows Movie Maker expert—you’ll produce many of the same impressive effects you see on the big screen every day. Plus, you’ll get cool project ideas and all the how-to’s for putting your filmmaker’s imagination to work!

Start with the best shots
  • Capture new video—even reuse your VHS footage

  • Drag scenes into a storyboard or timeline, shape your story in minutes!

  • Build a library of audio, video, and still images

  • Add awesome effects
  • Make cinema-style transitions, such as fades, dissolves, and wipes

  • Easily create titles, crawls, and credits

  • Amplify your story with narration, music, and sound effects

  • Perfect it, then present it!
  • Use easy tools to fine-tune your audio and video

  • Premiere your movie on a PC or over the Web

  • Burn your production to a CD or DVD

  • Shake your Movie Maker
  • Create a highlights “reel” of favorite moments

  • Document your family’s roots with photos, news clippings, and interviews

  • Produce fun movie trailer parodies

  • Create video karaoke for your PC

  • Can you do amazing things? Yes you can!
    About John BuechlerJohn Buechler is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognized for his contributions to the community of Windows Movie Maker users, including supporting newsgroups, running a Web site, writing books and articles, and teaching.
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