Microsoft® Office Document Designer: Your Easy-to-Use Toolkit and Complete How-To Source for Professional-Quality Documents

Microsoft® Office Document Designer: Your Easy-to-Use Toolkit and Complete How-To Source for Professional-Quality Documents
Published:August 04, 2004Language:English
Author:Stephanie KriegerTechnology:Microsoft Office 2003
Length:176 PagesISBN 13:9780735620377

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About The BookCreate sophisticated, high-impact documents in just steps—no design skills required!

Build even the most complex documents with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel without knowing advanced layout, formatting, and design techniques. This kit delivers a powerful set of hands-on document production tools and dozens of professionally prepared designs and layouts—ready to use—on CD. Plus, you get full-color examples, tips, and inspiration in the companion design guide. From one-page documents to elaborate reports and presentations, now you can focus on delivering great content—without sweating the design details!Covers Microsoft Office 2003 Editions and Microsoft Office XPDocument Designer Tool Pack on CD includes:
  • Dozens of professional designs and layouts
  • Seven custom toolbars for simplifying document-creation tasks
  • Tools for creating your own designs and layouts
  • Several hundred pages of how-to articles and tip sheets for on-the-spot reference
  • About Stephanie KriegerStephanie Krieger is a Microsoft MVP who has helped many global companies develop enterprise solutions for Microsoft Office and taught numerous professionals and professional software trainers how to build great documents easily by understanding the way that Office programs “think.” Stephanie writes regularly for several pages across the Microsoft Web site and frequently delivers Microsoft Office webcasts.
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