Building Microsoft® Access Applications

Building Microsoft® Access Applications
Published:January 26, 2005Language:English
Author:John L. ViescasTechnology:Microsoft Office Access 2003
Length:720 PagesISBN 13:9780735620391

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About The BookDevelop flexible databases that can evolve with changing business requirements.

Get fully functional database samples and table designs for four of the most common Microsoft Access database types—and use them as templates to create your own Access solutions. Database expert and Microsoft MVP John L. Viescas provides the detailed guidance you need to customize your own solutions from these application types:

  • Membership Tracking

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Support

  • Reservations Management

  • For each type, you’ll walk through typical usage scenarios, design considerations, and common pitfalls. You’ll examine the logic behind each application’s table design, and learn how to adapt it for your own Access solution.

    Get expert insights and examples to help you:
  • Learn specific design techniques to improve your table structures

  • Build forms with an attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface

  • Create queries, forms, and reports specific to each application type

  • Design for client/server from the start?and share data more efficiently

  • Apply best practices to help your application run more smoothly

  • Avoid the 10 most common design problems—and deliver more robust solutions!

  • Note: This book covers Microsoft Office Access 2003, Access 2002, and Access 2000

    CD includes database samples and a fully searchable eBook.

    Use the sample databases on CD to model your own solutions for:
  • Membership Tracking: Enter, track, and manage member information and communications.

  • Inventory Management: Track and manage stock and create purchase orders, invoices, and packing lists.

  • Customer Support: Track contacts, enter customer details, identify follow-up items, and create reminders.

  • Reservations Management: Manage course registrations, car rentals, room reservations, and more.
  • About John L. ViescasJohn L. Viescas is the author of Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out and the popular Running Microsoft Access books from Microsoft Press. He is president of Viescas Consulting, Inc., a respected provider of database application design and editorial consulting services. He has been recognized by Microsoft Product Support Services as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) every year since 1993 for his contributions to the community of Access users.
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