Microsoft® Small Business Kit

Microsoft® Small Business Kit
Published:August 25, 2004Language:English
Author:Joanna L. Krotz, John Pierce and Ben RyanTechnology:Microsoft Office XP
Length:528 PagesISBN 13:9780735620544

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About The BookExpert advice for entrepreneurs—plus timesaving, business-building resources on CD!

Whether you’re planning a start-up or already running your own shop, get the expert guidance and tools you need for small business success! This book offers practical advice on how to work with the Microsoft Office System and other software as you plan, launch, and manage your business. Step through the key decisions and day-to-day details on everything from drafting a business plan to finding customers, managing finances, and building your brand. You also get a toolkit packed with timesaving templates and references on CD—all the resources you need to grow your small business with confidence!Discover how to:
  • Focus your dream—learn how to do the research, define your goals, and develop your business plan.
  • Find financing—where to get it, when you’ll need it, and how much you’ll need.
  • Manage your money—know the essentials of forecasting, budgeting, data analysis, goal-setting, taxes, and more.
  • Tap the right talent—recruit and hire the right people at the right time, and nurture great performance.
  • Build your brand—gain recognition, credibility, and trust by managing your image and brand.
  • Go to market—build effective strategies for customer relations and marketing—and make them pay off!
  • Make technology work for you—from managing e-mail to setting up security-enhanced networks and servers, learn best technology practices for small businesses.Get the tools for success! CD includes:
  • A directory of hundreds of key resources and references for small businesses
  • Dozens of files, templates, and articles for business planning, payroll, taxes, marketing, and more
  • About Joanna L. Krotz, John Pierce and Ben RyanJoanna L. Krotz, a business editor and journalist, is the founder of Muse2Muse Productions, a custom publishing company. She’s also the Marketing Intelligence columnist for the Microsoft Small Business Center portal and a lecturer at New York University.

    John Pierce is a writer with Microsoft’s Information Worker New Markets group and a former editor and writer at Microsoft Press. He is the author of Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Track.

    From his teenage neighborhood newspaper to running a bookstore and starting a freelance writing business, Ben Ryan has made a career of words and commerce.
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