Programming Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Version 2003

Programming Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Version 2003
Published:January 07, 2004Language:English
Author:Francesco Balena (Wintellect)Technology:Microsoft Visual Basic
Length:1440 PagesISBN 13:9780735620599

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About The BookThe definitive, one-volume reference for Visual Basic programmers—updated for Visual Studio .NET 2003

Get the expert insights, practical code samples, and best practices you need to advance your expertise with Visual Basic .NET 2003. Now updated for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, Visual Studio .NET 2003, and Windows Server 2003, this popular reference delves even deeper into Visual Basic .NET capabilities—and accelerates your productivity with new features and techniques—for faster, more reliable code. From fully exploiting the language’s advanced object-oriented capabilities to reusing legacy Visual Basic code, this exhaustive reference delivers the professional, pragmatic guidance you need to produce rich solutions for Microsoft Windows and the Web.Discover how to:
  • Manipulate .NET Framework classes using serialization, threading, and reflection
  • Create components to better manage large programs and solve versioning issues
  • Work with GDI+, custom Windows Forms controls, and Windows services
  • Develop database applications using Microsoft ADO.NET and XML data
  • Use Web Forms data binding to create sophisticated Internet application interfaces
  • Utilize Microsoft ASP.NET features such as user and custom controls, caching, security services, and Web services
  • NEW—Know how and when to use .NET Remoting and Component Services
  • NEW—Call unmanaged code with PInvoke and COM Interop
  • NEW—Employ code access security and other techniques to build trustworthy applications
  • NEW—Write, debug, and create security settings for Windows Forms applications you deploy over HTTPGet code, bonus content, and eBooks on CDCD features:
  • All the Visual Basic .NET 2003 samples featured in the book
  • Bonus material on the .NET Framework class hierarchy and tools
  • Searchable eBook of the entire text
  • Searchable eBook of Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  • About Francesco Balena (Wintellect)Francesco Balena has been programming with Visual Basic since version 1.0. A trainer and consultant for Wintellect, he is the author of the widely acclaimed first edition of this book, a contributing editor for Visual Studio Magazine, the editor in chief of VB and .NET Journal (Italy), and a popular speaker at developer conferences.
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