Enterprise Integration Solutions

Enterprise Integration Solutions
Published:August 25, 2004Language:English
Author:Devin Spackman, Mark SpeakerTechnology:Programming
Length:368 PagesISBN 13:9780735620605

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About The BookGet the information you need to design and build a successful integrated enterprise solution.

Master the core principles and practices for Enterprise Integration—a powerful strategy for transforming all your business data, processes, and software into a shared, corporate-wide asset. Architecting an effective integration framework poses challenges as complex and idiosyncratic as your organization itself—but senior architects Devin Spackman and Mark Speaker guide you through the steps and events common to every enterprise integration project to deliver your own successful results. You’ll walk through critical decision points, typical problems and solutions, and effective techniques. You’ll gain a basic framework from which to build your own project—and analyze the code from a complete, working solution. Examine concepts in depth, compare approaches, and learn viable techniques to:
  • Design your solution—and learn practical ways to model it
  • Review the tools and methods that simplify managing endpoints
  • Manipulate messages so data can be shared—and understood—across systems
  • Automate business processes and execute business rules
  • Use monitoring techniques to uncover both technical and business-process bottlenecks
  • Design security features that address the inherent vulnerabilities in linking all your assets together
  • Reduce defects by automating your build process and tests
  • About Devin Spackman, Mark SpeakerDevin Spackman specializes in developing enterprise integration solutions for medium and large companies. He is a development manager and architect with Shaw Communications.
    Mark Speaker is Chief Technology Officer for Ideaca, a professional services company that focuses on developing organizational strategies and turning them into effective business solutions.
    In addition to this book, the authors recently coarchitected an integration framework for a major utility company. They are based in Canada.
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