Inside Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005: The Storage Engine

Inside Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005: The Storage Engine
Published:October 11, 2006Language:English
Author:Kalen Delaney (Solid Quality Learning)Technology:Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Length:464 PagesISBN 13:9780735621053

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About The BookGet expert architectural insights for building and maintaining robust databases.

Take an in-depth look at the internals of the SQL Server Storage Engine—with advice from a popular author and SQL Server expert. Database developers and administrators get best practices, pragmatic advice, and code samples to help master the intricacies of creating and maintaining enterprise relational databases.

Discover how to:

  • Upgrade or migrate to SQL Server 2005 and choose configuration options

  • Control space allocation for databases and files manually or automatically

  • Manage transaction logs to maximize efficient restore operations and data consistency

  • Observe the internal structures of clustered and nonclustered indexes

  • Build and partition relational indexes and tables

  • Explore internal storage issues and compare fixed- and variable-length datatypes

  • Detect and correct index fragmentation

  • Implement and manage an appropriate concurrency model using locking or row versioning

  • PLUS—Get code samples on the Web
    About Kalen Delaney (Solid Quality Learning)Kalen Delaney is also the Series Editor for the Inside SQL Server series of books from Microsoft Press. She has been working with SQL Server since 1987 and has been a Microsoft MVP since 1995. She is a founding mentor of Solid Quality Learning, where she helps develop courses and training materials. Kalen is a contributing editor and columnist for SQL Server Magazine and the author of several books on SQL Server, including Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
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