Microsoft® Windows® XP Step by Step, Second Edition

Microsoft® Windows® XP Step by Step, Second Edition
Published:August 25, 2004Language:English
Author:Online Training Solutions, Inc.Technology:Microsoft Windows XP
Length:400 PagesISBN 13:9780735621145

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$ 29.99
About The BookThe smart way to learn Microsoft Windows XP—one step at a time!

Fully Updated Second Edition!

Quickly teach yourself how to get up and running—and do more with your PC—with the Windows XP operating system. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need, or work from cover to cover. You drive the instruction. Plus, this popular guide now covers the latest updates to Windows XP and related technologies—and features an eBook and other new resources on the CD!

  • Personalize your PC?from screen savers to system settings

  • Set up your e-mail, instant messaging, and Internet connections

  • Hook up printers, CD/DVD burners, and multiple monitors

  • Share digital photos and create your own music playlists

  • Tune your system—from defragmenting disks to routine backups

  • Use new security features and system updates from Windows XP Service Pack 2—ready to download from

  • Your CD includes:
  • Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2 software

  • Plus! Photo Story 2 LE software

  • Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition, eBook—10,000+ entries!

  • Complete STEP BY STEP eBook

  • Skill-building practice files

  • Links to Windows XP-related downloads and additional information
  • About Online Training Solutions, Inc.Online Training Solutions, Inc. specializes in the design, creation, and production of training products for information workers and home computer users working with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

    Joan Preppernau is the primary author of Microsoft Windows XP Step by Step, Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Step by Step, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Step by Step, and Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002 Step by Step, published by Microsoft Press, as well as Quick Course in Microsoft Windows XP and Quick Course in Microsoft Windows 2000, published by Online Training Solutions, Inc. Joan's wide-ranging experiences in the computer industry have contributed to her passion for producing interesting, useful, and understandable training materials for computer professionals.

    Joyce Cox has over 20 years' experience editing and writing about technical subjects for nontechnical audiences. For 12 years she was the principal author for Online Press. She was also the first managing editor for Microsoft Press, an editor at Sybex, and an editor for the University of California. Joyce is the primary author of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Step by Step and Microsoft Office Word 2003 Step by Step (Microsoft Press), as well as dozens of books in the Quick Course computer training series from Online Training Solutions, Inc.
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