Ed Bott's Your New PC: Seven Easy Steps to Help You Get Started!

Ed Bott's Your New PC: Seven Easy Steps to Help You Get Started!
Published:September 29, 2004Language:English
Author:Ed BottTechnology:Microsoft Windows XP
Length:224 PagesISBN 13:9780735621176

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About The BookSeven Easy Steps to Help You Get Started!

Get a smart start with your new PC! In seven simple steps, awarding-winning computer journalist Ed Bott shares his expert, real-world advice on how to get up and running the right way. Ed shows you how to go from basic, out-of-the-box setup to installing a printer, moving files and e-mail from your old PC, creating network connections, and more—using the same, tried-and-true checklists and tips he uses to help his own friends, family, and colleagues. You’ll learn what, when, and how to do exactly what it takes to get your system just the way you want it—so you can get to the fun stuff faster!The guide that’s like having your own consultant by your side every step of the way!
  • Learn what to do before you dive in, and which tasks to perform first
  • Follow Ed’s easy, step-by-step checklists
  • Get tips for simplifying painstaking chores
  • Test and troubleshoot along the way
  • Know when—and how—to check under the hood
  • Avoid common missteps and pitfalls
  • Save time—so you can get to work or play faster!Covers Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • About Ed BottEd Bott is an award-winning journalist and one of the most recognized voices in the computing world. A former writer and editor for PC World and PC Computing, Ed has twice won the prestigious Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award and is a three-time winner of the Computer Press Award. His books include the popular Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, now in its second edition, and Faster Smarter Microsoft Windows XP. Ed is also is a columnist on the Windows XP Expert Zone on Microsoft.com.
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