Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional (70-270), Second Edition

Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional (70-270), Second Edition
Published:February 15, 2005Language:English
Author:Dave FieldTechnology:Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Length:624 PagesISBN 13:9780072258363

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About The BookOfficial Microsoft Learning textbook designed for the academic classroom that covers the topics and skills in the 70-270 exam.

A complete program of textbook, lab manual, and software, this Microsoft Official Academic Course provides everything students need to build the knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure, administer, and support the security services and tools in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. In addition, this textbook will help students to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Professional examination 70-270: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional. A complete set of instructor resources supports the book.
About Dave FieldDave Field is an experienced author and editor of academic books focused on technical topics, specifically the Microsoft certification tracks. He has participated in an number of projects for Osborne/McGraw-Hill, and now Microsoft Learning. Dave also has a wealth of teaching and training experience in the technical field.
Owen Fowler is an experienced network technologist, having worked as a networking professional for the past several years in a number of different environments. He currently runs his own consulting business, covering networking and operating system issues.
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