Inside Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005: Query Tuning and Optimization

Inside Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005: Query Tuning and Optimization
Published:September 26, 2007Language:English
Author:Kalen Delaney, S. Agarwal, C. Freedman, A. Machanic, R. TalmageTechnology:Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Length:448 PagesISBN 13:9780735621961

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About The BookGet expert, architectural insights for optimizing enterprise databases.

Dig into the internals of tuning and optimization features in SQL Server 2005—with insights from leading SQL Server experts. This in-depth guide delivers best practices, pragmatic advice, and code samples to help you enable efficient, effective queries—and optimize database performance.

Discover how to:

  • Create a baseline and monitor workload by using System Monitor and DMVs

  • Design, manipulate, and manage traces to isolate database performance issues

  • Audit user activity by using built-in default, black box, and Common Criteria traces

  • Analyze query execution using scans and seeks, joins, aggregations, unions, and parallelism

  • Generate efficient and cost-effective queries using cached plans or new plans

  • Detect and resolve locking, blocking, and deadlocking concurrency issues

  • Use best practices to diagnose and troubleshoot response time, throughput, and scalability issues

  • PLUS—Includes Transact-SQL code samples and on the Web
    About Kalen Delaney, S. Agarwal, C. Freedman, A. Machanic, R. TalmageKalen Delaney, Series Editor for the Inside SQL Server line of books, has been working with SQL Server for two decades. She is a well-known expert in the SQL Server community and has been a Microsoft MVP since 1995. Kalen is a contributing editor and columnist for SQL Server Magazine and the author of several books, including Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
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