Debugging Microsoft® .NET 2.0 Applications

Debugging Microsoft® .NET 2.0 Applications
Published:November 08, 2006Language:English
Author:John Robbins (Wintellect)Technology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Length:464 PagesISBN 13:9780735622029

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About The BookGet hands-on instruction for core debugging techniques—from a leading expert.

Get the essential, straightforward information you need—and master the core topics for debugging applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Debugging expert John Robbins offers practical answers to real-world development questions, including code samples in Microsoft Visual C# and Visual Basic. You’ll learn the debugging techniques and tools to debug more efficiently and help ensure top-quality code.

Discover how to:
  • Arm yourself with tools and techniques that contribute to long-term success in the debugging battlefield

  • Implement John’s practical debugging process to sniff out bugs—including “freak” bugs

  • Catch bugs during development with assertions, tracers, and comments

  • Set advanced breakpoints in your debugger to specify exact trigger conditions

  • Use the Watch window, Data Tips, and Visualizers to see key data quickly

  • Employ other debugging tools, such as WinDBG, SOS, and ADPlus

  • Write macros and add-ins to extend the Visual Studio integrated development environment

  • Debug with Code Analysis—and learn to write your own rules

  • PLUS—Get code samples on the Web
    About John Robbins (Wintellect)John Robbins is a cofounder of Wintellect (, where he leads debugging and consulting services and develops and teaches debugging curriculum. As a recognized debugging expert, John takes an evil delight in finding and fixing impossible bugs in other people’s programs, including applications for leading enterprise companies. He’s the author of the two previous versions of this book and is a contributing editor at MSDN Magazine, where he writes the popular “Bugslayer” column.
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