Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005: Database Essentials Step by Step

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005: Database Essentials Step by Step
Published:September 13, 2006Language:English
Author:Solid Quality LearningTechnology:Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Length:336 PagesISBN 13:9780735622074

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About The BookYour hands-on, step-by-step guide to learning the fundamentals of SQL Server 2005 programming.

Get the guidance you need to start designing databases—one step at a time. With this practical tutorial, you’ll teach yourself the core skills for building and managing databases with the next generation of SQL Server.

Discover how to:
  • Install and configure SQL Server 2005

  • Design database components with SQL Server Management Studio

  • Apply a three-step modeling approach to design databases that meet business requirements

  • Create, modify, and manage views

  • Write user-defined functions and stored procedures using T-SQL

  • Add, delete, and update information in your databases

  • Work with data from custom applications and legacy systems

  • Troubleshoot error messages and handle exceptions

  • CD features:
  • All practice exercises

  • Code samples
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