Share Your Story: Blogging with MSN® Spaces

Share Your Story: Blogging with MSN® Spaces
Published:February 15, 2006Language:English
Author:Katherine Murray and Mike TorresTechnology:Microsoft Windows XP
Length:208 PagesISBN 13:9780735622418

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About The BookYour guide to the blogosphere—and beyond!

What’s your story? Get creative and tell the world with MSN Spaces! This fun and colorful book guides you through the basics of creating your own personal blog in no time. Whether tales from a recent adventure, your life history, views on hot topics, or anything else you want to share—learn how to make the Web your space.

Learn how to:
  • Set up your own space in 10 minutes or less

  • Write and publish your blog—no HTML required!

  • Share favorite photos in albums and slide shows

  • Create any list you can dream up—books, movies, rants, raves

  • Add instant messaging, music, and video to your space

  • Syndicate your space and build and build an enthusiastic following

  • Get tips for creating great content and design
  • About Katherine Murray and Mike TorresKathy Murray is the author of more than 40 books on technology, ranging from Internet applications to Microsoft Office to digital scrapbooking. She also contributes articles regularly to Windows Marketplace and other sites that focus on digital-lifestyle and community-building topics. Katherine has been writing and publishing blog content for three different sites since Web logs first appeared on the Web horizon. Her most popular blog, BlogOfficeXP, publishes tips, articles, and comments related to Microsoft Office XP and Office 2003 Editions. She is excited about MSN Spaces because she loves its intuitive interface and the ease with which both new and experienced users can quickly build and enjoy their own online community.

    As lead program manager for the MSN Spaces team, Mike Torres runs one of the most popular MSN Spaces, Torres Talking (, which has hosted more than 250,000 visitors. Prior to joining Microsoft, Michael was co-founder and Vice President of Product Development at – a Microsoft acquisition that ultimately became the MSN Hotmail calendar system in 1999. Michael, along with other members of the team, recently filed three patents related to how MSN Spaces, MSN Hotmail, and MSN Messenger help deliver richer and better experiences for the users of these services.
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