Easy Web Design

Easy Web Design
Published:January 04, 2006Language:English
Author:Mary Millhollon with Jeff Castrina and Leslie LothamerTechnology:Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003
Length:416 PagesISBN 13:9780735622524

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About The BookCreate Web sites the easy way—with tips and advice from the pros!

You’ve been thinking about building your own Web site, but where do you start? Stop considering and start creating—with this colorful, hands-on guide that takes the guesswork out of Web design. You’ll start with the basics and then ease into more advanced tasks with fun, easy-to-follow projects that put you in the driver’s seat. With Web design experts as your guides, you’ll have your site up and running in practically no time!

Discover how to:

  • Plan and execute a successful Web site

  • Master the art of creating effective online text

  • Enhance your site with graphics, pictures, and layout designs

  • Create Web sites using a variety of tools—including Microsoft Office Word, Publisher, and FrontPage (2003 Editions)

  • Start blogging in about an hour with MSN Spaces

  • Get comfortable with the latest Web standards, including XHMTL, CSS, and XML

  • Test drive your new skills with hands-on projects

  • Go live—and learn how to keep your sites fresh and engaging

  • Includes a companion Web site with additional resources, samples, and project files!
    About Mary Millhollon with Jeff Castrina and Leslie LothamerMary Millhollon is an expert Web designer, developer, and content specialist. She’s also a writer, an editor, and an instructor who’s authored several popular books about the Web and Microsoft Office. As founder of Bughouse Productions, Mary enjoys expressing creativity through words, images, and multimedia.

    Jeff Castrina is an experienced Web designer and developer. He owns ExtraCheese Multimedia and Web Design, where he develops and maintains hundreds of successful Web sites for his clients.

    Leslie Lothamer is a Web designer, a programmer, and a master at building interactive Web components. She currently works as a developer with The New Group in Portland, Oregon.
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