The Microsoft Crabby Office Lady Tells It Like It Is: Secrets to Surviving Office Life

The Microsoft Crabby Office Lady Tells It Like It Is: Secrets to Surviving Office Life
Published:May 17, 2006Language:English
Author:Annik StahlTechnology:Microsoft Office 2003
Length:208 PagesISBN 13:9780735622722

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About The BookThe Crabby Office Lady Tells It Like It Is

We all have to work for a living—so why not make that time work for you? Whether you’re in a cubicle or corner office, the Crabby Office Lady shows you how to be more productive on the job so that you can really enjoy your time off the job. Humorous but practical, the lovable know-it-all reveals her secrets in this easy-to-read survival guide based on her popular column. You’ll get her no-nonsense lessons to succeeding at work, as well as tips and tricks for working with Microsoft Office programs to help simplify your life. She’ll give you the straight scoop—so pay attention!

Crabby says, “Listen up!”—and discover how to:

  • Manage your daily barrage of email, run effective meetings, and delegate (you might actually get some work done)

  • Mind your workplace manners (and learn to deal with those who don’t)

  • Use Crabby’s secrets for preparing for performance reviews and building your case for raises

  • Customize Office program settings, use accessibility features, and practice healthy ergonomics to make your office your own

  • Decode convoluted computer terms

  • Take the stress out of fleeing—and enjoy your time off—with Crabby’s get-away-from-it-all checklist
  • About Annik StahlIn 2002, Annik Stahl, a Microsoft employee, wanted to reach out to Microsoft Office customers in a more personal, friendly way. She created the grumpy but charming character of the Crabby Office Lady, whose column is read by more than 250,000 people every month. By fashioning Crabby as the ultimate “power user” with advice to share, Annik helps her readers be more efficient at work so that they can get away from their desks and get on with their lives.
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