So That's How! 2007 Microsoft® Office System: Timesavers, Breakthroughs, & Everyday Genius

So That's How! 2007 Microsoft® Office System: Timesavers, Breakthroughs, & Everyday Genius
Published:January 10, 2007Language:English
Author:Evan Archilla and Tiffany SongvilayTechnology:2007 Microsoft Office System
Length:240 PagesISBN 13:9780735622746

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$ 24.99
About The BookGet timesaving solutions and practical advice—and make the 2007 Microsoft Office system work for you!

Turn your productivity drains into productivity gains! With this practical (and fun) guide, you’ll discover the best ways to tackle your daily work with the 2007 Microsoft Office system. The authors have taught thousands of people to get better results with less effort. Now these efficiency experts let you steal from their “tip jar” full of timesaving shortcuts and other brilliant ideas. You’ll explore what’s new in your favorite Microsoft Office programs—and transform the way you work.

Get timesavers, breakthroughs, & everyday genius to:
  • Take control of your inbox, calendar, and everyday information deluge

  • Create stunning documents that leave them asking “How’d you do that?”

  • Make meetings less frustrating and more productive for everyone

  • Change the way you capture, share, and act on digital notes

  • Simplify document sharing—and make collaboration painless

  • Find new ways to boost your mobile productivity

  • PLUS—See “Tips & Tricks” in action on CD.
    Get 20 videos from the authors’ popular training series!
    About Evan Archilla and Tiffany SongvilayEvan Archilla is a popular instructor for Microsoft Office “Tips & Tricks” training. Prior to starting his own consulting company, Evan worked for Microsoft Corporation where he was a driving force behind the Windows XP Expert Zone, Microsoft’s first user-group community.

    Tiffany Songvilay, is an instructional designer, productivity specialist, and Microsoft Office User Specialist. She has developed training solutions for several companies and is consistently praised by the thousands of users who have taken her Microsoft Office “Tips & Tricks” classes.
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