6 Microsoft® Office Business Applications for Office SharePoint® Server 2007

6 Microsoft® Office Business Applications for Office SharePoint® Server 2007
Published:January 09, 2008Language:English
Author:Rob Barker; Joanna Bichsel; Adam Buenz; Steve Fox; John Holliday; Bhushan Nene; Karthik RavindranTechnology:2007 Microsoft Office System
Length:320 PagesISBN 13:9780735622760

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About The BookPractical solutions, patterns, and code for building custom OBAs.

Get the practical guide to implementing the Microsoft Office system as an application-development platform. This book highlights the breadth of approaches developers can take for extending line-of-business information to information workers in the familiar, usable format of the Microsoft Office interface. These approaches, Microsoft Office Business Application (OBA) patterns, are based on real-world implementations in many cases. In other cases, they are built on Microsoft Office features that have a generalized solution rooted in input from customers and partners. This reference delivers the seven key Microsoft Office Business Application patterns and provides professional developers with extensible examples and the architectural guidance needed for developing custom enterprise applications and extending business information to users.
About Rob Barker; Joanna Bichsel; Adam Buenz; Steve Fox; John Holliday; Bhushan Nene; Karthik RavindranRob Barker, a senior technical evangelist at Microsoft, creates developer and architectural guidance for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Products and Technologies.

Joanna Bichsel, a program manager on the Office Platform Strategy team, develops architectural guidance and resources for Office-based solutions.

Adam Buenz is a security consultant, SharePoint solution developer, and writer specializing in highly secure deployments and sheltered knowledge-management systems.

Steve Fox is a program manager for Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office and OBAs, and coauthor of Programming Microsoft Office Business Applications (Microsoft Press).

John Holliday, Microsoft MVP–SharePoint Server 2007, has 25 years’ experience in distributed systems, collaboration solutions, and enterprise content management.

Bhushan Nene is a senior solutions architect who helps Microsoft global ISV partners envision and design OBAs for line-of-business applications.

Karthik Ravindran is an architect on the Microsoft Platform Architecture team, focusing on business and information worker solutions.
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