Windows Server® 2008 PKI and Certificate Security

Windows Server® 2008 PKI and Certificate Security
Published:April 09, 2008Language:English
Author:Brian KomarTechnology:Windows Server 2008
Length:800 PagesISBN 13:9780735625167

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About The BookDeploy robust certificate-based security solutions using Windows Server 2008.

Get in-depth guidance for designing and implementing certificate-based security solutions—straight from PKI expert Brian Komar. No need to buy or outsource costly PKI services when you can use the robust PKI and certificate-based security services already built into Windows Server 2008! This in-depth reference teaches you how to design and implement even the most demanding certificate-based security solutions for wireless networking, smart card authentication, VPNs, secure email, Web SSL, EFS, and code-signing applications using Windows Server PKI and certificate services. A principal PKI consultant to Microsoft, Brian shows you how to incorporate best practices, avoid common design and implementation mistakes, help minimize risk, and optimize security administration. This definitive reference features a CD loaded with tools, scripts, and a fully searchable eBook.
About Brian KomarBrian Komar is a consultant specializing in network security and PKI. He has written MCSE SELF-PACED TRAINING KITS, MICROSOFT PRESCRIPTIVE ARCHITECTURE GUIDES, AND PKI WHITE PAPERS, and is the coauthor of the Microsoft WINDOWS SECURITY RESOURCE KIT. Brian is a frequent speaker at IT conferences such as Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft IT Forum, and Windows Connections.
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