Programming Microsoft® Visual C#® 2005: The Base Class Library

Programming Microsoft® Visual C#® 2005: The Base Class Library
Published:April 12, 2006Language:English
Author:Francesco Balena (Code Architects)Technology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Length:632 PagesISBN 13:9780735623088

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About The BookYour essential reference for exploiting the Microsoft .NET Framework base class library.

Get the guidance you need to master the intricacies of the .NET Framework base class library using Visual C#—and learn best practices for developing robust code efficiently. With hands-on programming instruction, expert insights, and practical examples, professional developers learn how to customize classes and solve sophisticated development problems for any kind of application.

Discover how to:
  • Use generic types defined in the .NET Framework—or author your own—to solve recurring programming problems

  • Master regular expressions to perform complex text searches and sophisticated input validation

  • Use iterators, anonymous methods, and asynchronous delegates

  • Take code reuse to the next level with reflection

  • Use custom attribute to implement plug-in architectures and n-tier applications

  • Serialize complex objects to file or database fields

  • Address versioning issues with large programs and multiple executables

  • Apply multithreading techniques to help avoid resource-sharing issues

  • Work with unmanaged code and COM components by using PInvoke and COM Interop

  • PLUS—Get code samples on the Web
    About Francesco Balena (Code Architects)Francesco Balena is a well-known and highly regarded developer and author. He has written numerous Microsoft Press books, including the widely acclaimed Programming Microsoft Visual Basic titles, and edits a popular Web site on .NET programming. Francesco is a cofounder of Code Architects srl, an Italian software company that specializes in using Microsoft technologies to create enterprise-level solutions and programming tools. In addition, he is a regional director for MSDN Italy, and a frequent speaker at developer conferences.
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