Course 50127A:

Learn Microsoft Office Word 2007 Step by Step, Level 2

Length:1 Days
Published:February 02, 2009
Audience(s):Information Workers
Technology:Microsoft Office Word 2007
Delivery Method:Instructor-led (classroom)
About this CourseThis one-day instructor-led course provides students with an overview of the features and functions of Microsoft Office Word 2007.
Audience ProfileThis course is intended for information workers who want to learn intermediate-level Word 2007 skills.
At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Present information in columns.
  • Create a tabular list.
  • Present information in a table.
  • Format table information.
  • Perform calculations in a table.
  • Create a diagram.
  • Modify a diagram.
  • Insert a chart.
  • Modify a chart.
  • Use existing data in a chart.
  • Create fancy text.
  • Insert symbols and equations.
  • Format the first letter of a paragraph.
  • Draw and modify shapes.
  • Add headers and footers.
  • Change the relationship of elements on the page.
  • Use a table to control page layout.
Course OutlineModule 1: Columns and TablesThis module explains how to divide documents into columns; use tab stops; and create, convert, and format tables.Lessons
  • Presenting Information in Columns
  • Creating a Tabular List
  • Presenting Information in a Table
  • Formatting Table Information
  • Performing Calculations in a Table
Lab : Columns and Tables
  • Divide a document into columns and format the columns and text.
  • Enter text separated by tabs and set custom tab stops.
  • Create, convert, and format tables.
  • Create a quick table and format table content.
  • Calculate information in a table, and copy, link and enter data in an Excel object
After completing this module, students will be able to:
  • Flow text in multiple columns.
  • Use tabs to simulate tables.
  • Create tables and enter and format table information.
  • Summarize the information in a table by performing calculations.
  • Insert Excel data in a document.
Module 2: DiagramsThis module explains how to create and modify diagrams.Lessons
  • Creating a Diagram
  • Modifying a Diagram
Lab : Diagrams
  • Create and position a diagram.
  • Add shapes and text to a diagram, and change the diagram layout.
After completing this module, students will be able to:
  • Create organization charts, flowcharts, and other business diagrams.
  • Update a diagram's information or change its formatting.
Module 3: ChartsThis module explains how to create and modify a chart, and use information in Excel in the chart.Lessons
  • Inserting a Chart
  • Modifying a Chart
  • Using Existing Data in a Chart
Lab : Charts
  • Add a chart to a document.
  • Modify the appearance of a chart and save it as a template.
  • Copy Excel data into a chart’s worksheet, and expand the data range to plot
    all the data.
After completing this module, students will be able to:
  • Plot data as a chart.
  • Change the chart's elements, and create a template for future charts.
  • Use data from an Excel worksheet to plot a chart in Word.
Module 4: Other Visual ElementsThis module explains how to enhance documents by dressing up text, how to insert symbols and equations, and draw and modify shapes.Lessons
  • Creating Fancy Text
  • Inserting Symbols and Equations
  • Formatting the First Letter of a Paragraph
  • Drawing and Modifying Shapes
Lab : Other Visual Elements
  • Create and modify a WordArt object.
  • Insert a graphical icon, and add an equation to the Equation gallery.
  • Apply a drop cap.
  • Draw and manipulate shapes on a canvas.
After completing this module, students will be able to:
  • Use WordArt objects to dress up text.
  • Insert symbols, and build equations.
  • Make the first letter of a paragraph stand out.
  • Use shapes for emphasis, decoration, or to draw simple pictures.
Module 5: Page LayoutThis module explains how to add headers and footers, change the relationship of elements on the page, and use a table to control page layout.Lessons
  • Adding Headers and Footers
  • Changing the Relationship of Elements on the Page
  • Using a Table to Control Page Layout
Lab : Page Layout
  • Add a header and footer to a document, with a different header for the first page.
  • Modify the text-wrapping, position, and stacking order of pictures.
  • Draw a table, and insert and format nested tables.
After completing this module, students will be able to:
  • Repeat information on designated pages of a document.
  • Change how elements on a page relate to one another.
  • Insert information in the cells of a table to position them precisely on the page.
Before attending this course, students must have:
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Basic file-management skills.
  • Basic knowledge of the Word interface and document creation.
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